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Component 3: I-95 Improvements

3A: Extending the Express Lanes to Fredericksburg |  Map (288 KB)

Construct approximately nine miles of Express Lanes south of the current terminus near Garrisonville Road to Route 17 in Stafford County. 

This component would complete one of the longest Express Lanes system in the U.S., from Washington, D.C., to Fredericksburg, and unlock a major point of daily congestion in the region.

3B: Adding I-95 Southbound Capacity Across the Rappahannock River |  Map (355 KB)

Construct two Collector-Distributor Lanes on Southbound I-95 from Exit 133 (Route 17) to Exit 130 (Route 3), including a new bridge over the Rappahannock River. 

The interchanges at Exit 133 and 130 will be reconstructed to address significant bottlenecks.

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