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Component 2: I-395 Improvements

2A: Extending the Express Lanes to the Pentagon | Map (2 MB)

Extend the I-95 Express Lanes on Interstate 395 for eight miles, north from Edsall Road to the vicinity of Eads Street in Arlington. The two existing HOV lanes will be converted to Express Lanes and a third lane will be added, providing three reversible Express Lanes.

Transurban will also make an annual payment to support enhanced bus service in this part of the corridor. This component significantly improves access to the major employment centers in Arlington and new direct access to the Pentagon will be delivered.

2B Improving Multimodal Access to the Pentagon | Map (500 KB)

Improve access into and around the Pentagon South Parking area while also improving transportation support facilities. The proposed improvements, when combined with improvements to the Eads Street interchange, will provide reduced travel times for transit providers, improved circulation of buses, and reduce queues along I-395.

2C: Providing Safety and Capacity Improvements on I-395 (Duke Street to Edsall Road) | Map (510 KB)

Address significant safety and capacity issues in the I-395 corridor. As presently configured, southbound I-395 has four through lanes north of the Duke Street interchange and south of the Edsall Road interchange. However, between the Duke Street and Edsall Road interchanges, there are only three lanes, causing heavy congestion on southbound I-395 during weekday afternoon peak periods.

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